🆕 Guest permissions

Guests are individuals outside of your organization or teammates who do not require all the benefits of Tape. You can invite them to join specific apps or records.

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PS: Beta rollout of the new features will be done organization, one by one. If you don’t see specific features, no worries! New features are on their way in the next few weeks. Can’t wait? Contact us, and we might prioritize your team.

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Big shoutout to @CarsonRedCliffLabs for the insightful video on managing Members vs Guests in Tape. Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwIht2wdRyw

It helped me get a clearer picture. A big thank you for sharing your knowledge!

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Thanks @LuPas, glad it was valuable for you. I aim to put out more of those types of videos…just making the time for it you know…!

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