Here are some tips on how to share your feedback

Hey everyone! It´s Leo from Tape here.

Your feedback is very valuable to us, and we are always eager to learn more about what is most important to you and your team to overcome challenges.

To help us understand and prioritize your request when discussing it with our team, I would like to share a few tips we have found helpful in submitting first-class product feedback.

Search first: Use the search feature on the top right of your screen to see if your request already exists. Please upvote the request if it exists. It also helps our team better understand how much demand there is for a particular feature by adding further information to existing threads.
Post one request at a time: Several requests should be submitted separately to give us a clear idea of each´s status and to allow users to vote for the features they want.
Provide specifics: We would appreciate it if you could describe the use case for this feature in the context of how you are currently using Tape. The more we understand the use case, the easier it is for our team to prioritize.


“I would like to have the ability to set access on certain apps/records not only workspaces. Would be amazing to have a way to build a master app, invite clients that could come and interact with the app but ONLY for records which match a filter set up with permissions to that user.”


“I would like to have an “email to app” or “email to record” functionality. Having an option to use unique email addresses to send data from outlook or a standard webform into the system has become very critical for many of my clients.”


“I want the ability to set access on certain apps/records not only workspaces”


“I want “email to app” or “email to record” functionality.”

Thanks a lot for your participation in our forum and for being part of this incredible journey. We can´t wait to read and learn from all of you!