How to connect Google Business account email to Tape "Send Email" action

Here is a quick guide to connect your Google business account email to Tape’s Action · Send email · Workflow Automation SMTP.

  1. Go to

  2. Enable 2-Step Verification

  3. On the 2-Step verification page, scroll down to “App Passwords,”, create a new app-specific password (type any app name you want), and copy the generated password.

  4. Go to Tape automation and create automation with the “Send an Email” action. Then click “Show More” > Account > Add account. Here is what you need to input:


Password: Copy the generated password from step 3 here.

Server Address:

Server Port: 465

Encryption: SSL/TLS

After doing this, you should have successfully connected your Gmail with Tape email automation. If you go to your Gmail Sent folder, you should see any messages sent via Tape automation.


I battled with this a few months ago before figuring out that app-specific password part. Great write up, and very useful for users setting up a google account inside Tape. Thanks!


@Luis and @CarsonRedCliffLabs I just saw this article on Google.
I think this will be ok if you setup your Google account before summer of 2024.
Maybe Tape team will do some work after that.

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Good info. It appears Tape will need to upgrade to Oauth to keep functionality working. Thanks for sharing.


Great catch @tomaz
Thanks for finding and sharing that here for reference,