How to handle team tasks

There are 3 common ways to build task management in Tape and which one to choose Depends on the use case and if the team works in projects or not

Most simple way: Checklist field in apps

  • Pro: Fast and easy
  • Con: Overview and collaboration
  • How Tape Team uses it: Subtasks / Simple ToDos in Issues, Tasks and Meetings

Dedicated tasks app and optional related projects app (use status field to track completed status and show assigned tasks in focus)

  • Pro: Board creation for quick work, Split by projects for quick creation of project tasks and filter by project, Progress bar, My task view, Use task templates, Filter for removing tasks when project is Done, use different views, Relate tasks to contacts, companies, meetings etc.
  • Con: Many views necessary for clarity or completed tasks
  • How Tape Team uses it: Tasks, Issues, Projects, Sprints

Dedicated tasks app per project without relation (Asana way of working, sidebar navigation recommended)

  • Pro: Easy for project members as no relation to project necessary, all advantages of b),
  • Con: A template app must be duplicated every time for a new project, unsuitable for simple tasks without project context or very short projects
  • How Tape Team uses it: Not used
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Thanks a lot @Leo. Maybe we could link this to the amazing post by @1F2Ns so it can further help others → Task App and Recurring Task App

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