⚪ Insert/Edit Links in the multiline text fields and comments

Add an option to add hyperlinks in the multiline text fields. Something like this:

Also, add the keyboard shortcut cmd/ctrl + K to open the link edit window.


I found a simple workaround to add links to the multiline text fields. Create the hyperlink in something like Google Docs/Word/Pages and copy/paste it into the multiline field. Tape will recognize the hyperlink, and it works fine. Here is how the workaround works with Google Docs:

Tape Hyperlink Workaorund

You won’t be able to edit the link. You will need to delete it and copy/paste it again. This workaround does not work in the comments. Additionally, it works with the “Display a message on a web page” automation action, but the links are not blue, which is confusing.

Awesome tip, @Luis :raised_hands:
Great explanation with a top video! Thank you!

Hi @Luis,

thanks a lot for the feature request but also for providing the workaround.

We currently already have some requests regarding the multiline text field.
This could be a very valuable package to drive a major upgrade here.


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