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Good decision! You can look forward to a great software and an absolutely competent and nice team.
Lets say:
“It’s nice to be a ‘Preiß’, it’s higher to be a ‘Bayer’, but it’s greater to be a ‘Taper’!”

(The phrase “it is nice to be a ‘Preiß’, but it’s higher to be a ‘Bayer’” is a German expression that plays on the stereotypes and rivalry between people from different regions of Germany.
A “Preiß” (often spelled “Preuß”) refers to someone from the northern part of Germany, specifically associated with the historical region of Prussia. On the other hand, a “Bayer” is someone from the southern region of Bavaria.
The saying suggests that while being a “Preiß” might be considered nice or acceptable, being a “Bayer” is even better or of higher status. This reflects the historical and cultural differences between these two regions, with Bavarians often having a strong sense of regional pride and identity. The phrase can be seen as a lighthearted way of highlighting the friendly rivalry and competition that can exist between people from different parts of Germany.)


Thank you, @Hans, for your nice words about Tape!

Additionally, we appreciate your humorous take on the distinctions between our regions in Germany. It’s these moments, among many, that make collaborating with you such a delightful experience - both professional and with a sense of humor.


Hello Everyone,

Great thread!

I am considering diving into Tape just like I did with Podio way back.

I am wondering what the feelings are about the capabilities of Tape’s PDF creation (not sure if there is one yet) when compared to Podios.

This is a rather important feature for us and it would be great to hear your thoughts around this feature.

Feedback is welcomed and deeply appreciated.

Thank you! :smiley:


We have been almost 10 years in Podio and it was nice. But Tape is looking like Podio on steroids. Also PDF creation is much more simpler UI compare to Podio.
We just miss some small details that were are used to but we have no questions Tape team will release them sooner than later.
As soon as mobile app will be updated so we can create new records we will migrate everything from Podio.


Hi @CarlosMarchan,

first of all a very warm welcome to our community - I’m very excited that you are here!

And a big thank you @tomaz for answering the question about PDF creation. @Ben has really invested a lot of time in the feature and we recently updated it to make the dynamic tables even better.
Especially in the live preview and the settings with headers, footers with different page layouts, page numbers etc. we have invested a lot.

You can directly duplicate this showcase into your tape organization and use it as a tutorial to quickly get to know the possibilities.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime here.


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back end development is more advance, like in calculation field supports latest javascript, generating table is more easier than podio :slight_smile: and more faster.


Great review - you confirmed a lot of what I’m currently discovering. I’m a big Procfu user which helps to externalise Podio data and its really that which has kept me at Podio. Now with Tape and InfoLobby I’m seriously studying my options but not sure what direction to take. Podio does feel worn out and despite everyone warning them to improve things (stability, calculation fields), I haven’t noticed any major improvements. It all feels a bit cosmetic. Even Citrix has lost interest in Podio, so time to jump the boat probably. The last 12 years have been good but I need a tool that take me to the next level.


Where should I send the message?


Warm welcome! And thanks for your comment.

To best assist you, please send us a message via Tape.
Simply click on the question mark located at the bottom right corner, then select “send us a message.” If you mention “Migration,” we can set up a coupon for your organization.


Very happy to have you here, @Miro :tada:

EDIT: Big shoutout to @CarsonRedCliffLabs for his video!
He talks about the best way to shoot us a message starting at 2:09:


Cosmetics… Exactly! Little improvements (UI, tables) are way overhyped and don’t make up for the cut value due to the recent changes. I also still receive a “system degraded” and similar warnings every now and then, as I’m subscribed to the monitoring of Podio.

I’m sure its a lot about who owns a platform and their strategy: Podio is now part of Cloud Software Group owned by Vista Equity Partners. Their vision is increasing company value. Their clients are their investors. It all depends on how they plan to increase value for their shareholders.

First impression with Podio recently scared me. I suggest to my clients to closely look into that, before making a strategic decision for a long term investment.

Tape - don’t you dare to plan your exit secretly :stuck_out_tongue:


I just wanna make sure I’ve got everything right before I can shift the rest of my team over to Tape

Understanding the different roles is really important for our project management, especially when we work with people from outside our team, like clients or vendors.

Can someone please help me with these questions: (thank you)

  • If someone is a guest and has access to an app, can they create new items in the app and make changes to items?
  • Can I decide by my own who is a guest?
  • Will we continue to get four free guest licenses for every paid user after six months?

Great to have you here, @LuPas - welcome to the community :tada:

Here’s a quick heads-up to keep things clear: when we say “records”, we mean the same thing as 'items". It’s just two different words for exactly the same thing.

  • If someone is a guest and has access to an app, can they create new items in the app and make changes to items?
    – Indeed, that’s accurate. Guests can edit and create new items/records if they have the permission.

  • Can I decide by my own who is a guest?
    – Of course, you can decide who counts as a guest. Guests can be people outside of your team or teammates. It can be anyone, like people who work with you, clients, employee, vendors, internal or external user.

  • Will we continue to get four free guest licenses for every paid user after six months?
    – Yes, absolutely! There are no limitations.

For more details, our help center articles may be helpful too:


Only 𝟔 days left! You get 6 months of totally free, unlimited Tape usage.


Migration :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


YEAHHH!!! Welcome to the community, @Mind_insurance! It’s awesome to have you here. :tada:

Could you please send me your organization’s name so that I can get things set up? The easiest way is to log in to Tape, then tap on the question mark icon at the bottom right and select ‘send us a message.’ Thanks a lot!

Once again, it’s awesome to have you on this journey with us! :pray:

My organisation name is Mind Insurance


All done. I’m happy to confirm - 6 months without license billing at @Mind_insurance, and it’s truly fantastic to have you as part of this journey with us! :blush:

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