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Right from the start, we’re all about real and fair partnerships. Every single user means a lot to us!

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  1. Hassle-free migration: enjoy a full 6-months window for migrating to Tape without any license billing.
  2. Grandfathered guarantee: any future pricing changes won’t affect your current deal.
  3. More users, more value: for every paid license, get 4 guest licenses for free. (You can invite guests to an unlimited number of apps, where they can create and edit records.)
  4. Give every team a home: only pay for the users you have, even if it’s just one.
  5. Tape partners: for customers who need support in leveraging Tape, from migration and implementation to automating project workflows.
  6. Feature Requests? We’re all ears! if you ever feel a feature is missing, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Start now with a simple signup :point_right: Tape until 30.09.2023, and just send us a message with “Migration.” That’s it. And take all the time you need.

If the benefits are not enough, please let us know your use case, and we'll do our best to make it fit for you.

Just a heads up, we’re on the move. Check out the latest updates like app creation via import, favorites, groups, or app permissions, and much more →

Got questions as you go? We’re here to help every step of the way!

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Updated: 25th of September 2023

Building a product and seeing how it empowers people is beyond rewarding!
Currently, we see a lot of traction and high demand in migrations to Tape.
Thanks to every single user migrating to Tape :raised_hands:

Let’s continue supporting this through the migration deal:

6-month migration to Tape with no license billing until September 30th.
3-month from October 1st to November 30th. Everything else stays the same.


Hey everyone, I’ve recently come across Tape as a possible alternative. I heard about it through the Podio community.

Surely, there are people here familiar with “Tape” and the team.

I’ve been a longtime user of Podio. Just tried Tape, and I’ve already noticed some improvements over Podio.

A few questions:

  • What are the key differences between Podio and Tape?
  • How does Tape manage “external users” and the new "external client permission”?
  • Can someone provide details on ‘guest licenses’ (4 guest licenses for free)?

Thanks for the help.


it’s great to see the community is growing

For us, Tape feels like an upgraded version of Podio. The team’s always there, consistently rolling out new great features. If you’ve ever worked with Globiflow and Podio, that’s the only true alternative we found but with significant improvements. For example managing automation is easier: you can go directly from the item to its executed automation, or view runs with all the details.

The documentation for Tape could be better, but if you’re familiar with Podio, you’ll find your way around.
I found all details about users here: https://help.tapeapp.com/en/articles/6453902-manage-members-admins-guests-groups
It took a moment, but once understood, the permissions are much better for our daily work.

We have been with Tape for over half a year and we are happy.

Hope that helps!


Absolutely, I can back that up. I’ve been in touch with the team. They’ve always kept their promises, and the support has been top. I reported some bugs, and they fix them the same day. Keep it up @tape


The automations are truly incredible. My questions to the Tape team were always answered, and they even assisted me through some video calls. Highly recommended!


I can answer your first question.

Were you around Podio before they sold off to Citrix? Remember the Globiflow community for Podio? If so, that is exactly what this feels like. If you have questions someone is there to help. Find a bug? Someone will address it. I feel like I belong to a community again -not just another number.

Plus, Tape just works. It’s nice to have a program that does what it should do. No waiting around 3-15 minutes while you wait for calculations to catch up. No outages. No BS. No excuses.

I am so thankful for this platform and the team’s vision behind it.
Check out the roadmap: Roadmap – Tape


Sadly, I know what you mean about Podio’s “3-15 minute waiting times.”
I’ve only been using Tape for a few days, but I haven’t had that issue there.

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The architectural structure of Tape is different from most platforms.

Tape is a multi-tenant platform, which means that multiple organizations share the same instance of Tape. This approach introduces a challenge: How to keep an instance fast and reliable with more and more organizations using it? The more organizations use the same instance, the less computing resources will be available to each individual organization. Adding more resources is only a temporary solution as even the largest database can only process so many operations per second. We at Tape are aware of this issue and set out to solve this problems at the design phase to ensure a performant and reliable platform no matter the scale. Luckily, this problem has already been solved at scale by Salesforce using an organization-centric approach that we have fully leveraged in our architecture to ensure maximum reliability and speed for our customers. [1]

When you sign up you receive your own container and allocated resources. This is great because when I create and infinite loop and chew up all the resources available -only I am affected. You are protected from the bad neighbor effect.

The biggest feedback from my team is the following:

  1. You do not have to keep your mouse pointer in the text field to type in it
  2. you do not need to refresh to see changes
  3. Not having to wait for the ‘program to catch up’ or someone to manually fix automation failures

I know those are tiny changes BUT they have reduced a lot of friction and that makes my life easier.


After seeing the comment: ‘Podio is changing their plans’ it definitely caught my attention, today.

Big thanks to Alex Moloney for your Facebook comment:

I searched for more information and found this article: https://help.podio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/12237678172690--Podio-s-New-Business-Model-Update

Podio wrote: “We are excited to introduce a new business model…”
I’m not a native speaker; how is this new business model exciting?

Podio wrote: “…that brings simplicity and efficiency to defining employees and external clients.”
I’m not a marketing genius, but couldn’t they have just called them ‘internal or external users’? Realizing the true nature of these changes, it seems to me that the main objective might be profit. Just imagine - I’ve got a bright idea: let’s change the external client permissions so they can’t edit items. That way, we can sell more licenses without saying it. Sounds fantastic, right? Let’s do it and we call it ‘new business model.’

It all feels non-transparent to me. Right now, I’m deeply sad. After being a loyal Podio user for years, it feels like someone’s trying to hide something from me. Then, I start to wonder: is there a strategic reason for announcing these changes during the summer when I am on vacation, giving me only a few days to react?

For me, it’s not just about buying licenses; it’s about being in a partnership. It all comes down to trust.

Change brings opportunities, and that’s just what I needed, especially given the promises related to features in recent years. After being with Podio for such a long time, I think it might be time for something new. For now, it feels very familiar here, and I appreciate how responsive the team has been. Getting a reply within an hour on a Saturday was unexpected and commendable. Plus, they also confirmed exactly what I need, that my current agreement isn’t changing. Thank you!

Maybe I’m just part of a movement right now. And a single Facebook comment was my personal start.


I totally agree; you summed it up perfectly.

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I’ve been a Podio Partner for a while now, working closely with clients on Podio. Over the last year, I also teamed up as a Tape partner. After being asked quite often, I took the time to put together a thorough comparison.

All platforms clearly have their pros and cons. If you’re interested in a discussion, feel free to get in touch, for example, via LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/dirkspannaus/

Tape vs Podio - Summary

Tape is obviously based on Podio. Some highlights are the workflow automations, permissions and task management, unified development experience with JavaScript and HTML support across all features (calculation field, workflow automations). Close to feature parity with Podio except a couple of missing features like calendar view, reference layouts, dashboards and a global calendar. Better pricing policy with free guest users that are able to edit items. Product and community keeps evolving at a rapid pace compared to Podio. Only real alternative to Podio for heavy users of Podio Workflow Automations, for basic Podio setups many other alternatives exist.

Field types

Tape differs from Podio in that they have item tasks and item attachments as field types instead of being static properties of items. This enabled better filtering and automation support and overall greater flexibility for building apps. Some useful Podio field types like progress or voting are missing. A highlight is the calculation field. 100% compatible with Podio but has full HTML support, so no super menu extension needed for basic things like embeds (iframes), tables of related items, buttons and so on.

Views (layouts, filters, split by)

Comprehensive set of filtering options. Tape has basic filters that are missing in Podio like text filters, relation filters with many different matching types like “is empty”. The ability to provide a search term that searches all fields of an item for the current view is a nice enhancement. Tape has a table, list and board view. However, classic Podio views like Gallery, Calendar and Activity are missing. Split by category field, relation field and so on are very similar to Podio with some nice improvements for split by date fields. The table view has some Excel-like features like calculating the sum for a column respecting the current view’s filtering options.

Task Management

Tape has a more scalable approach to task management. Instead of having tasks for each item, Tape introduces a “Checklist” field for task management. This enables the automation of tasks via workflows just as any other field type. There is one place (Home) where each user can see all their assigned tasks across all apps, just like in Podio. Due to the field-type approach for tasks, the admin can decide for each checklist field whether it appears in the global tasks list or not.


Tape has item-level, app-level and workspace-level permissions. This eliminates the need for multiple apps in different workspaces just for the sake of permissions. Sharing of individual items is possible. Sharing a workspace via a public link is possible, allowing for everyone with the link to see the data and to duplicate the entire workspace into their own organization (useful for templates). Large amounts of users can be effectively managed via groups (like “Sales” or “Support”) and are natively supported on each level (item, app, workspace). Instead of managing each user’s permissions individually, this is a more scalable approach for larger organizations.

Workflow automations

Tape Automations are like GlobiFlow 2.0. They are natively integrated into the product. The only downside (for PHP coders) is that PHP is not supported, instead JavaScript is used everywhere (similar to the Podio calculation field). Tape has all GlobiFlow features and solves many of the issues (save without leaving a flow, proper attachment and tasks integration, better run overview, activity stream shows which flow did a change, …). The best pro feature is the “Script Action”, which is a fully functional JavaScript (Node) environment with asynchronous HTTP calls, Developer API integration, JSON support and everything else a fully fledged programming environment offers. Documentation could be better.

Item Layout

The Podio item layout is more feature complete. The main reason is that Tape is missing reference layouts for relation fields. Some small improvements to Podio are the rich-text editor and replies (threads) inside the right-hand activity stream. Item metadata like “created at”, “created by” or “unique ID” are handled as field types inside Tape, which offers some more flexibility regarding the position and formatting.

Large organizations

Podio has some well known shortcomings regarding larger organizations. Supermenu fixes some of those, however Tape addresses these shortcomings natively: The sidebar scales nicely with the number of workspaces, the favorites section allows quick access to apps and items. Each workspace can either be Podio-style navigation with a single-click navigation and an app bar on top or a nested approach where clicking on a workspace expands the list of apps below.


A core compliance issue of Podio is that a single Podio account is used across multiple organizations. Therefore, the account cannot be managed by the organization (e.g., enforce password policy, account deactivation) which is necessary for larger organizations. Tape creates one account per organization, which solves this issue. Additionally, much needed security options like disabling guests or the export for a workspace are in place. Probably not relevant for smaller teams.


Due to the recent billing changes of Podio, Tape has a couple of advantages regarding their pricing. For each billed user, the organization gets a certain amount of free guest users, which can fully collaborate within Tape. The grandfathering of plans (The pricing of an existing subscription will not be changed) is an important guarantee from the company and offers greater predictability for costs.


@dirk_s, that’s really impressive! Your expertise with both platforms is clear. As I draft a proposal for our CEO on the migration to Tape, your insights are proving invaluable. I greatly appreciate your assistance!

Thank you for writing in such a good way, @Amira

I came across Tape in much the same way you did, through comments:


  • What’s the deal with the new pricing? It sounds like some of us will be having to exit podio due to costs upcoming.
  • I can see why you’re excited. It’s a direct redesign of Podio from top to bottom! Jeez. This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks!
  • Another huge plus is that their team is very responsive to feedback - they’ve already added in a few small features I’ve asked for. Definitely a big difference from Podio.
  • Podio as my first love but when one person in the relationship grows and the other doesn’t it is time to leave.

And on the contrary, here it feels like there’s a spirit of optimism!


I just want to chime in that I’ve been INCREDIBLY impressed with the responsiveness and the speed to action provided by the Tape team.

On multiple occasions now I have posted with a simple feature request or a small bug report and the team has replied with fully resolved fixes or new feature release in under 24 hours. That is amazing.

For comparison, I’ve posted some requests in Podio help forum that have not been responded to in over 5 years!

Now, I still love (and use) Podio for many things. But Tape is definitely the way to go for anyone considering a change or a new platform solution for the future of their business.


Here is my writeup of the situation. There needs to be more reliability with cloud providers. Tape is on a good way!

How cloud providers risk the trust of their most loyal customers (twentyzen.com)


We have been partners with Tape for some time now, and in the first project we implemented the requirements of a federal government foundation. Because of our experiences in other partnerships, we were initially very curious to see how it would go. Now we can say it went absolutely top! Everything was just right. The binding, absolutely honest communication and the reliability and punctuality is really impressive. The meticulously thought-out practical features, the speed of further development and the highly professional response to challenges and bugs are also perfect. Also in the documentation, things are happening. We have a really satisfied customer and are looking forward to the next projects that are already in the pipeline. We have great confidence in Tape and are sure that we will have a lot more fun with it.


The young and dynamic Tape team supported us in the decision-making process and patiently answered even the silliest questions. :man_facepalming:

Tape makes a fresh and modern impression. Much is familiar to long-time Podio users, but on closer look there are lovingly designed :heart: details such as thread comments and a RichText Editor.

Working behind the views and items is Tape’s powerful workflow automation framework. :robot: Simple tasks can be done with building blocks and a low-code approach. But if you want to go further, there is a comprehensive script editor that satisfies every need. As a low/no coder i miss here a better documentation, but i’m convinced that with a little practice you can automate much more natively in Tape than in Podio. Generating delivery notes or order confirmations as PDFs is quite easy and natively possible here, something you could only dream of in Podio. :sparkles:

The cherry on top of this black forest cake :cake: would be a calendar view, an improved reference layout and the possibility to edit several objects at the same time. But I am sure that Tim and his colleagues will deliver this pretty soon. :rocket:


Thanks to everyone here who responded to my post! Following discussions with our CEO, I’m pleased that we have received approval to proceed with a full migration to the Tape platform. Your collective feedback and insights have been invaluable in our decision-making process. I’m confident that this migration will be beneficial for our team. We truly appreciate the constructive and collaborative environment here.


Welcome to the party :tada:
Definitely reach out if/when you have questions.
I’m looking forward to seeing more of you around.


Fantastic update!
@DigiTom we’re stoked you’re with us! :raised_hands: It’s a highlight of our day.
& massive thanks to the incredible community making it all happen! :clap: