Multi Text field - unable to paste HTML TABLE format

Identified in the text field with many lines, is that it does not receive HTML code to assemble tables coming from excel. Example: today we have a flow in Podio where our user copies some information from excel and pastes it in the text field, bringing the table perfectly identical to the spreadsheet.

As it is a “token” in the workflow, we can also use them for other purposes. Example: email sending or PDF creation.

Appreciate you sharing all this feedback @HugoSoares :raised_hands:
Is this mainly about the visual layout to see the copied table in the text field for you, or is there another aspect we should know about? Any extra details of your use case would help us understand better.
Thanks for the insight!

In the meantime, maybe the dynamic tables will help you with the automations?
You can duplicate the template and work on it: ▶️ Showcase 7 - Send invoices as PDFs via email using dynamic tables

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Here’s an example video


Many thanks for the video @HugoSoares. Now we understand your issue exactly. We’re looking into adding this functionality to our rich text editor and will keep you posted!

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