🆕 Organization switcher

When you’re new to Tape, it’s a good idea to start with just one organization. But once you get the hang of it and start using Tape for different things with different groups, it’s cool to create multiple organizations to keep your content organized and separate.

From now on, you can switch between organizations very easily. Just click on the name of the current organization at the top of your left sidebar. Select the one you want to jump to. Voilà!

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PS: Beta rollout of the new features will be done organization, one by one. If you don’t see specific features, no worries! New features are on their way in the next few weeks. Can’t wait? Contact us, and we might prioritize your team.

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When I start building out for clients and they add me to their org, will they be billed for my seat? Also, very cool feature!! I love that everyone is isolated BUT with this feature we can still collaborate.


Hi John,

very good news for this request. We have already taken this case into account!
We have stored the email addresses of our partners (including yours, of course) in our system. This way the badge Tape Partner automatically appears in the user management in every organization (as you can see in the screeshot at Admin2).

Every user with this status does not fall into the billing in all his client organizations and is free there forever.
You can also add email addresses at any time if you want to add more users to this status.


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