Passing calculated HTML when duplicating app records to another app


Last week, I was working on an app (let’s call it app B) and I aimed to replicate it exactly like app A, which was located in a different workspace. In app A, there was a table within a calculated field. My approach involved transferring the data from the calculated field in app A to a multiple-line field in app B. I then referenced this multiple-line field in another calculated field to display the table. However, things got messy, and I lost all the HTML elements that constituted the table.

Here’s how I resolved the issue:

Firstly, I duplicated the calculated field from app A that I intended to send to app B. Within this duplicated field, I applied lodash.escape() to every table related elements.

In app B, I received this data in the multiple-line field. Subsequently, I created a calculated field and utilized lodash.unescape(@‘multiple-line-field’). This process successfully retained all the lost HTML elements, and the table displayed perfectly =)


Nice idea/solution!! I’m positive this will come in hand for a lot of us in the future.


@agnes.farias really nice - thanks for sharing this with the community. Agree w/ @1F2Ns that this will certainly be handy for others as well. :100: