Record Fields Sections/ Groupings

Sometimes a records data can get quite long and is a lot to scroll through and sift through.

If we were able to add sections within a record, which we put fields into the sections and the sections can be expanded/ contracted, I think this could enhance user experience a lot. especially if we could add a section header/ title.

@DB_Looper you may find this useful.

I know you can add headers using HTML in calc fields.
Then you can add anchor links to jump to sections.

I know is doesn’t address the proposed “accordion” functionality. I would be a fan for that or conditional if/else functionality too.

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Yeah i have the headers set up, just didn’t like all the scrolling. I’m going to look into the anchor points though, it’s kind of like a table of contents. It works as a workaround, but the accordion style groups would be great as well. I second the If/Else field options as well. I could make the same effect I am looking for with the If/Else, plus so much more.