Referral Link?

As partners, do we have a referral link to use on our website to help drive new users into the system?

@andrew.cranston One of our top priorities is the launch of an affiliate marketing program. We have been searching for a suitable tool for some time now. We have promised to present a solution by the beginning of December, and I’ve just realized there isn’t much time left :flushed:
Stay tuned right here for the latest updates.


:bulb: Brief update: We’re a behind schedule with the launch of Tape’s Affiliate Partner Program.

Currently, the focus is on identifying the most suitable tool, one that’s ready to operate on an international scale and is user-friendly.

The decision needs to be forward-thinking because once we commit to a tool, changing the tool isn’t simple. The affiliate links will be widespread across the internet and cannot be easily replaced.

We’re on it, working hard to get the affiliate marketing program up and running soon. We’ll make sure to keep you in the loop with updates right here.
Thanks for your patience – it’s really appreciated!