🟢 Revision History/Undo Changes

Is there any way that the activity feed can provide more detail about changes made to a record?

We’ve had at least 3 times when an accidental edit deleted out some notes or a phone number. The delete wasn’t caught immediately so ctrl+z didn’t work, and data was lost.

The activity field already logs when/who and what field changed (as seen below)

It would be awesome if it could match what Podio offers with an option to “View Changes” and even “Revert this revision”

As a workaround you could use the Action · Get previous values · Workflow Automation to recover the most recent revision.

You won’t be able to recover older revisions, but if you made a mistake and caught it in time, with this you can run the automation and recover the most latest data.


Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

many thanks for the insights! This is really painful, data loss is always the absolute worst case. That’s why I can understand this feature request only too well.

We have already addressed the issue in the product team but need to rethink the general saving strategy in the record. Since we want to offer in the future that a user can use as often as desired undo & redo. And the saving process on leave of a field, especially with long multi text fields is not quite state of the art anymore.
That’s why we don’t want to roll out something that we’ll have to dump again in a few months.
But as soon as we have a clarity here in the future saving and revision strategy I’ll get back to you when we roll that out on the roadmap.

And thanks a lot @Luis for your workaround to restore the last revision!