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Activate “Share to web” in the workspace settings. Immediately, your workspace becomes public with its unique URL! This means that all the apps, along with the data contained in each record, automation, relation, or calculation field, will also be instantly available to the public.
Click “Copy link” to share your page with anyone, whether they use Tape or not.

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PS: Beta rollout of the new features will be done organization, one by one. If you don’t see specific features, no worries! New features are on their way in the next few weeks. Can’t wait? Contact us, and we might prioritize your team.

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:bulb: UPDATE: 🆕 Share to web - #5 by Leo

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@Leo can you share a “share to web” test item link here or in a message?

I think this solves a huge workaround we had to build for a different platform we used.
If this works the way I anticipate you will have officially blown my mind :exploding_head:

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Hi John,

the share to web feature at the record level will unfortunately be the last in the share to web feature with the release of the major record upgrade which we will start after the release of the permissions.
We will be rolling out multi workspace share, workspace share and app share as part of the permissions. So you can then duplicate whole organizations as a template.
With the record, however, we have to rebuild all field types so that they also work responsive mobile and without a logged in user on the web. That’s why this part is the most complex.
However, it brings the chance that we consider all your requirements for your use case directly.
Currently it is planned that you can share a record directly to the web with the dedicated link. You can then set in the share if the user of the link can edit, edit and comment.


I am absolutely speechless. This is going to completely change the way that I structure our entire build. I don’t know how to express how excited I am.

Tape is literally changing the way that we do business.

Update: This feature is popular, so we’ve given it its own tab for easy access. Now, you can find it under the ‘Publish’ tab in the Workspace Settings.


Your click-and-find guide awaits here → Sharing & permissions | Tape Help Center

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