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Showcases are examples, experiments & tutorials to sharpen your skills and explore new ways to use workflow automation by Tape.

We’ve created six showcases and the feature tour video.

Get showcase for a head start

We highly recommend duplicating Tape showcases to get the most out of workflow automation. Once you have duplicated the showcases to your personal Tape organization, you can customize the showcases as you like without wasting time rebuilding them.

  • Click here :point_right: workflow automation showcases
  • Click the Duplicate button at the top right
  • Only Tape users will be able to duplicate the showcase
    • Tape users who click duplicate and are logged into a Tape account will be able to duplicate the showcase in their personal organization
    • Anyone signing up for a Tape account via “Duplicate” will see an easier, shortened version of the sign-up process, so they can start even faster

Feature Tour

Explore Tape’s most powerful feature - workflow automation. Find out how automation works, how to access the feature, and what the automation center and editor are all about.


  • Showcase 1 - Tasks
    When a task is updated + and if the status has changed to “in progress” → then create subtasks
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  • Showcase 2 - Projects
    When a project is updated + and if the status has changed to “in progress” → then create tasks
    Check out more →

  • Showcase 3 - Deals
    When a deal is updated + and if the pipeline stage has changed to won→ then create a shipping summary
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  • Showcase 4 - Products
    When a product is updated + and if files have changed → then delete files other than filename extension .pdf
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  • Showcase 5 - Event Registration
    [1] When an event registration is created via webhook → then create a new record
    [2] When a record is created → then relate contacts to the event registration
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  • Showcase 6 - Companies
    When a company is updated + and if the type has changed → then add company contacts via external API
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Check out how to create automation from scratch →

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