🆕 smrtPhone Integration Private Beta

We’re excited to announce a major milestone: the integration of smrtPhone with Tape.
This highly requested partnership is now available for our communities in private beta!

What is smrtPhone?
smrtPhone is an all-in-one phone system that allows sales-driven businesses to make more calls, send more texts, and close more deals. For more information visit smrtPhone.io

Benefits of becoming a private beta tester:

  • 2 free months of smrtPhone Pro
  • 2 free months of Tape Premium
  • $25 Amazon gift card to cover your transactional usage of smrtPhone during testing (calls, text messages, phone numbers, etc.)
  • As a Tape certified partner: 2 free months of Tape Premium for your customers and earn 25% of all payments for the total customer lifetime
  • Early access to Tape’s new dashboard apps for creating individual reports

Most of all, join the smrtPhone and Tape partnership to make your daily work even more successful

How to become a private beta tester:
Just let us know you’re interested.

Getting started:

  • We recommend following the step-by-step setup guide from smrtPhone click → here
    :bulb: Please select “smrtPhone Pro - Monthly” and enter code TAPEBETA to get free 2 months subscription
  • For a head start in getting your CRM in Tape ready, just click the link and duplicate the workspace to your organization → Tape CRM template

Want more details?

Thank you all for being part of our community and for your ongoing support!
And a big thanks to the smrtPhone team for the great collaboration. They want to let you know:
:partying_face: Happy phoning! :telephone_receiver: