[✅ Solution] Automatically changing the date to the current one using automation

For specific calculations, I need to obtain the current date. To achieve this, I’ve created an application called “Current Date,” which contains only one field, which is the date.

How can I set up automation that checks the current date against the date set in the field every day at 00:15, and if they are different, updates the field with the current date? In Podio, this could be easily done with automation, but here I can’t seem to create actions to update the current field.

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Hi @Venom,

first of all: Welcome to the Tape community! :tada:

Thanks for sharing your question. The easiest way to achieve this, is to add a single workflow automation to your “Current date” app, using the on schedule trigger and configure it to run daily after midnight and update the record using the current date token (first, search in your app and then use the “Update collected” action). That should be fairly easy and solve your use case. I created a demo here for you:

You can try it using the “Manual run” feature (on the top right).

Let me know how it goes. :eyes:

Happy building

Thank you for the warm welcome, Tim.

It seems a bit illogical, but this method works. Thanks for your prompt assistance.

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And if I need to update a specific field in an application, do I also have to do it through “Update collected”?

Let me explain why this might not always be convenient. Suppose I have an application with a date field and another field for calculations, and I need to daily check if the calculation field has exceeded a certain value. In this scenario, I wouldn’t be able to implement it because it’s currently not possible to select such conditions in the filters. As an example, I can show you a screenshot of how this is organized in Podio.

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Sure thing, feel free to share more details on what you would like to achieve. The community will attempt to help you as best as possible.