[✅ Solution] Comment on Collected and add a "nested comment" to an existing comment

Is there a way to use the 🆕 Action · Comment on collected · Workflow Automation to add a comment to an already existing comment and nest it?

This is what I mean:

I have two “global comments,” each with one nested reply. If I go to the first one, I see this:

If I open the second “global comment,” I get this:

As you can see, each thread has a unique ID, but there appears to be no way to access it.

I’m trying to accomplish an automation with a conditional. If the incoming data (via Webhook) matches specific criteria, for example, thread ID = 15130624 (the first global comment activity ID from the image above), then a comment is added inside that thread (not as a global comment).

I tried using 🆕 Action · Reply to comment · Workflow Automation, but that won’t work for what I need since it nests the comment to the most recent one, and it does not work with the 🆕 Trigger · When a webhook is received · Workflow Automation.

Is this possible with Tape?


I nearly mentioned this to you the other day when we were chatting, sorry I didn’t. I think this is what you mean:

Make the first comment and then extract the comment ID:

const commentResponse = await tape.RecordComment.create(current_record_id,{"value": comment});
const cID = jsonata('data.comment_id').evaluate(commentResponse);

Store that comment ID by a method you are comfortable with:

const updateR = await tape.Record.update(current_record_id, {fields:{commentid:cID summary:var_summary}});

Then when you want to post a ‘reply’ in the same comment thread, you can reference the comment ID you stored earlier:

const commentResponse = await tape.RecordCommentOrReplyReply.create(my_emails_24_field_commentid_decimal_value,{"value": comment});

Hope that makes sense, let me know if it doesn’t.



Thanks, Jason. That worked perfectly and pointed me in the right direction.