[✅ Solution] Create recurring task on 1st of the month

What is the best way to create a task on the first of every month?
It does not need to be attached to an item (unless needed)


  • 1st of month → task to pay contractors
  • or send report to client every two weeks
  • or do x every 10 days
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Hi @1F2Ns,

the easiest way to perform a recurring use case is the scheduled Tape workflow automations:

They allow you to run a workflow e.g. on the 1st of each month, or every two weeks. You can check the options that the trigger settings provide in order to fine-tune and adapt to your use case. You can also execute flows hourly, daily etc.

Consecutively, you can then create or update records in Tape and add a task record, or add subtasks to your checklist field. Of course you can leverage the full power of Tape workflows and also create PDFs, or dispatch emails to clients.

I could provide you more details if you tell me more about your use case, or we could solve a dedicated example together.

Let me know!

Cheers & happy building

Thanks Tim!

From what I can see, I will need to attach the ‘task’ to an item?
A lot of tasks we currently automate are not attached to items.
They are essentially reminders.

Our team sends each other ‘tasks’ randomly when working on projects.
I did not realize the ability to send someone else on the team or to automate the process was not possible.

Some examples of random tasks I have on my list currently are;

  • xxx called for you today
  • reminders for new work
  • reminder to reboot computer
  • note from a meeting
  • bugs I need to look into
  • needing an extra set of eyes on something

I understand that I can create apps for these e.g… ‘bugs app’, ‘reminders app’, and so on but I do not feel like this is the correct way to go about it.

What are your thoughts on solving the problem of not being able to assign tasks to team members manually and/or by automation?

  • Do you think it will be possible to run automation NOT attached to an app?
  • Do you think it will be possible to assign a task to a team member manually?

Random thoughts while writing this

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Hi @1F2Ns,

I see - the use case you’re describing sounds like it may be solvable using one generic “tasks” app inside your Tape organization. I agree that it creates some overhead, but it also provides you and your team with a couple of benefits:

  • existing tasks can be collected and also be updated via automations. This would e.g. allow to aggregate some open sub tasks into one “task” app record and structure work for team members
  • filtering and sorting enables your team to see who’s working on what, and when things need to be finished
  • you can leverage the different layouts to look at your tasks, such as Kanban, List and Table layouts
  • if there are private tasks, team members can still use the new advanced permission system for that in order to explicitly allow who is allowed to see a record.

It seems like it requires some level of adaption, feel free to reach out directly to me via message, and maybe we can schedule a call to look into this together. I am certain that there is a good way of “modelling” this while providing a convenient solution for you and your team.

As usual, thank you for sharing your ideas and providing these insights & happy to have you here!


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Thanks for the conformation.
This is also what I was thinking.
I’ll build out a ‘task’ app.

Do you think we will run into a ceiling using an app to house ‘tasks’?
I know if other programs there is a finite amount of items/changes the program can hold.

I’m lazy so I’m just asking here instead of looking to see if there is documentation on this :grimacing:

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Appreciate it, John!

We do see users with hundreds of thousands of records inside one app in Tape - so you should not have to be worrying about that. :slight_smile:

The number of changes to a record (= the number of revisions) has no hard limit and there are no plans to employ such a limit.

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