[✅ Solution] Dynamic URLs

Is it possible to have a dynamic URL in Tape?
For example in Podio we can use https://podio/x/y/item/podio_item_id replacing ‘podio_item_id’ with any Podio Item ID will link directly to that record.
I know in Tape we can use:


but that still requires the organization name to be added.

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Hi Martin

Is the question because you want to hide the org name or because you want to be able to move the app between organisations and don’t want to have to change the URL build code?

The reason I ask is because if the later then you may not know but there is a record URL variable:

If it’s the first then ignore me :wink:

It’s just for duplicating the workspace for others down the line. I know there is a URL field. I guess it’s just a habit of only adding fields that are absolutely necessary. I’ll just add a URL to each app. Thank you


Currently the URL format you mentioned is the shortest form to construct a record URL indeed, including the organization slug.

Feel free to create a feature request if an even shorter variant (without org slug) would be of value. I can imagine this is not a large effort on our end.

Thanks for sharing!