[✅ Solution] HTML to Multi-line via Import Excel, CSV

I’m trying to use 🆕 Advanced import and import HTML content to a multiple-line text field. I need the import to output the RAW HTML, but the import formats everything and removes the code. I tried adding <code></code> in the CSV column to see if it outputs the raw HTML, but it does not import anything.

Is there any way to use the advanced import and output of the raw HTML code to a multiple-line field (without formatting)?

PS: I believe this could be easily resolved if Tape had ⚪ Raw long text field. Lately, I’ve needed a Raw long text field for several scenarios.

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I found a workaround for this. However, it is “ugly” :smile:

I opened the CSV file in Google Sheets, and in the columns with HTML code, I exchanged < for [[ and > for ]]. So, the new HTML code will look like this:

[[h1]]My First Heading[[/h1]]
[[p]]My first paragraph.[[/p]]

With the new edit, import the CSV to Tape, and the code will appear with the brackets on the multiple-line field. Then, I created the following automation:

This will replace the brackets [[ ]] with the actual HTML << >> tags. Then you add lodash.escape() so the multiple-line text field does not format the HTML.

I guess this works, but I’m not sure how reliable it is.