[✅ Solution] Question on who get's alerted when workflows fail

I have noticed that I sometimes receive a direct notification alerting me when a workflow automation that I have built fails for some reason.

This is very helpful.

However, I need to understand the rule/possibilities with such notifications.

It seems that these go ONLY to the person who created a workflow automation. Is this correct?

Is there any way to change who receives this alert?

Often when I’m building a workspace for a client it IS helpful that these alerts come to me for a period of time. But then once we hit a certain stage of the project implementation, it would be more valuable for these alerts to go to the client directly.

Also - say I have created flows for a client (and therefore receive any failure alerts) but then I later leave their workspace completely. Would these failure alerts then stop happening altogether? Would they re-direct to the remaining admin user? Can we control this at all?

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Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,

thanks for bringing this up. You spotted a valuable, but probably not obvious feature in Tape: Following workflow automations:

TLDR: The reason why you’re seeing these notifications sometimes and you sometimes don’t, it that you follow some of the automations. How to follow/unfollow can be seen in above linked post.

:bulb: Indeed, you auto-follow your own created flows. That is the reason for your observation, that you do indeed see the notifications for the flows you created in the past.

Let us know if you have ideas how to make this feature more accessible, e.g. via a tooltip with “The reason you are receiving notifications for failures is that you follow this workflow automation”?

We should consider making this more intuitive and obvious to use, to prevent the confusion that you may have experienced now.

Hope that helps!


Very helpful, thanks @Tim
My only idea would be to possibly move where that “Follow/Unfollow” indicator is displayed. I think there could be a more obvious location to see that for the flow.
Short screen video with my thought described here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom