[✅ Solution] Questions - from Podio user

Hi, As a Podio user, I want to find out if “Tape” will or already implemented the following.

  1. Dashboard - notification displaying the most recent update/add/delete of each app/records.
  2. App/Table - Prevent record/entry duplication when add/update by setting up a key column. The field type can be numeric or string. (not in Podio)
  3. Dashboard - having panel/tile showing summary of an app/table by list or calendar date.
  4. Field relationship - having a field/column linking from different Workflow.app (not in Podio)
  5. Rich text field - when accessing data via API does it coming across as HTML? If not, then what is the text format.
  6. Automation - can an automation be triggered by a specific time of day (a cron type behaviour).
  7. Automation webhook - when triggered, an ability to query/check for existing record to implement the logic - if not exist Add, otherwise Update

I am comparing Tape, Budibase and Baserow; as you all knew about Podio pricing fiasco. It’s time to move on.



Hey Andy. I’m on my phone and it’s late so I’m not going dig into all of your questions to try to answer them BUT I wanted to chime in to say that we have been with Podio since 2012 and we settled on Tape because of the team behind it.

We have been here since January of this year. I encourage you to look around this forum to see what I’m talking about. The fellas’ behind the program are visionaries. They actually give a crap about their community -I’m not sure of the other platform founders can say the same.


Hi all,
I’m also interested in the answer to this.

I’m also considering NocoDB and APItable. Budibase isn’t really intended for the same (they are focused on the mini-apps side of things), though it depends on the use-case.

Thanks. Gary.

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Hi @andyG,

thanks for reaching out and for your detailed questions.

Let’s try to tackle them one by one:

  1. If I understand this question correctly, you are referring to a notification when a record or app is updated? For record updates, you receive notifications if you follow a record. You find more on that here. Also, you can follow apps to receive a notification for newly created records (very useful if records are created via email to app, or webhooks etc.). Would you also like to know more about building graphical dashboards? We are currently working on adding them to the platform.
  2. We do not have a primary key concept for editable fields, but we have a unique ID field that will contain a permanent unique ID (unique inside that app) that can be used to identify records. Does that help?
  3. See 1, currently that is rather limited in Tape. We are working on adding dashboard capabilities as many users request them.
  4. Could you clarify “from different Workflow.app”? In Tape you can have relation fields between apps also across workspaces inside your organization - if that answers your question.
  5. You can access the data via the API and rich text field values will be exposed both as a formatted value (with HTML) and as an unformatted value. Refer to our developer docs for more info.
  6. Sure thing, you can use the on schedule workflow trigger to schedule your automations daily, hourly, weekly etc. with a lot of options for customisation.
  7. That can be easily achieved by using the “Search records” action using an identifier, e.g. the name or email of an entity, and then using a conditional action. If you provide more info on that use case you are trying to build (maybe even create a dedicated topic for that here in in the community) users will be able to assist you there to get your use case up and running asap.

Hopefully this could clarify some of your questions and concerns. Let me know on what things you’d like to know more, or have further questions.

Thanks for sharing & Happy building


Hi, @Tim, thanks for the information. Tape looked very promising. For our usage, about 80% of CRUD are being doing by webhook or API (nodeJS service); having the activities showing up on the dashboard panel is very useful to quickly see what app(s) and what actions has happened for the past few days.

In Tape, I can see change log / activity at “record” level only, when clicked into app rows. I did not see anything showing on the left sidebar Notifications panel. Actually, after playing with Tape for couple of days (editing, new app, webhook… etc), there is not a single notification in that panel; both All/You are empty. I do have the “Follow database” at the app level clicked. I assumed the All (notification panel) would be equivalent to Podio activity dashboard.

5 hours after I wrote the above section. I am now getting notification from the Automation; however, there is still no notification for the manual editing. Example activities from Podio dashboard.

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For question #7. How do I use “Condition Action” to test for the number of record found? I am guessing that I need to switch to scripting, but how do I referencing the result of “Search for records”?

I see the LOOP action can reference the result of previous search… but that doesn’t help for what I want to do.


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Thanks for coming back and providing this info. Now I understand what you are looking for: A global “stream” or “feed” where changes and activity over several apps is being displayed. Tape currently does not provide this feature, you only have a stream of revisions and comments inside a single record and the other mentioned features such as follow and notifications.

Feel free to create a feature request here in the community to allow users to upvote:

Thank you!

Regarding your question #7:
What we usually recommend is to use the collected field variable that should contain your search value after records were collected (it will not have a value if no records were found). So, you could basically do it similar to the screenshot below:

Be sure to use the collected record’s field variable (under the "Collected / … " section):

I do hope that helps. Thanks for all your input and for sharing your use cases. Let’s get you operational in Tape as soon as possible! :rocket:


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