[✅ Solution] SMS and Call Best integrations

Hi community,

Do you have recommendations for SMS and Call platforms that we can integrate in Tape? aside from Twilio, coz currently Twilio is very strict in US customer need to many verifications. we are looking for alternative like near smrtphone, for us to use temporary while waiting for smrtphone. by the way the CRM setup is for real estate business.



@comfreakph Just as an FYI, based on my understanding from talking with Jordan at smrtPhone, if the intention is to send text messages to phone numbers that originate in the United States, the verifications and legal standards would apply across the board. There will be no getting around them. You will have to go through a A2PDLC campaign process no matter what. If you do end up using software that tries to make an endrun around this, then there will be no guarantee that your texts will be delivered and you may end up wasting your money.

Just as an FYI, smrtPhone IS coming to Tape very, very soon and the SMS API is still the easiest way to send text messages from anywhere, not just Podio and PWA. That being said, ClickSend has a great SMS API that is worth consideration with a great UI to track campaigns.


@andrew.cranston thank you so much, will consider this

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Starting today 🆕 smrtPhone Integration Private Beta