Tape dashboards and the speed of update

Following Tape’s release of the ‘numbers’ feature in the dashboards: Tape Numbers Feature, alongside having recently built an integration for someone were we push phone system call data into Tape, it got me thinking about my time being responsible for support teams (many years ago). One of the most useful tools I had was a dashboard showing live data on the number of calls the desk was receiving. This simple dashboard of numbers allowed me to quickly assess whether things were going wrong (especially on patch days) or going well.

For these sorts of dashboards the speed of updates has to be high and integration seamless, I made this short video to try and demonstrate this live update capability:

  1. I have built an app in Tape to store form data
  2. A dashboard page which will display the data from the app this doesn’t do justice to how nice these can be made to look but it serves a purpose.
  3. A Fillout form this will send data into the the Tape app - I have embedded this into the dashboard so there are less windows to look at it also shows another possible use for the dashboards.

I have then used split view in Arc to show the two Tape parts side by side.


@Jason great showcase as always.
Here is my little experiment on running a store with dashboard built just for specific user.

This way everyone can see all they need in one place which is absolutely perfect.


@tomaz That’s a fantastic example of a dashboard, providing all the necessary data at a glance! :blush: I’m sure there are more great examples out there. If anyone else has one to share, I’d love to see it!


Thanks for sharing @Jason and @tomaz - quite rewarding to see the hard work materializing into actual dashboards that create real value. :partying_face:

Also we’re happy to acknowledge that it was worth the invest into making the dashboards update in real time - solving those technical challenges to ensure smooth and fast live updates was lots of fun :star_struck:

Happy reporting


Wow, Tape’s dashboard numbers are pretty cool. Check out what I did with some test data. It updates automatically as the email campaign runs, which is awesome.