🆕 Number report - dashboard apps

Based on the great community feedback :black_heart: and our shared enthusiasm, we firmly believe that reports can be useful when they are integrated across the places where users are already working.

We’re really happy and a bit proud to publish Tape’s first report today - welcome number reports :raised_hands:

Please try and…

  1. Create a dashboard app
  2. write “/num”
  3. select an app

That’s it. Your first number report is created. We hope you enjoy this creation process as much as we do.
From this point, you can customize your report to match your needs.

Here are some highlights that make Tape reports special, thanks to community feedback:

  • Live data updates
  • A lot of styling options
  • Copy & paste reports, including the style
  • Adapt number formatting to specific needs
  • Compare data with added value or with other data
  • Use data from any app, even from other workspaces
  • Decide if you want to count records in the calculations, even if users can’t access them.
  • See the underlying records by clicking on the report result
  • Give the result different styles if the result is positive, neutral or negative with conditional formatting

Reports are included in Tape’s premium plan at no extra cost. Plus, during our private beta, you can enjoy reports with any plan. Over time, you’ll see even more types of reports, like list reports, pie charts, and more.

:blue_book: To get the most out of Tape reporting, it’s helpful to understand a few key foundational concepts. Compared to other tools, Tape has a unique and highly flexible drag-and-drop editor, where any reports can be easily rearranged and transformed. Read more → Tape Reports | Tape Help Center

:rocket: For a head start, just click the link and duplicate the workspace to your organization → Tape’s dashboard app template

Enjoy telling your data’s story with Tape’s number report!
And as always, we’re excited to hear your thoughts.


Interested in access to private beta? Please reach out to us.

new Dashboard apps - private beta :loudspeaker: Info & Announcements


So excited to see this release! It looks wonderful, excited to play around with this new feature. THANK YOU


Oh, that is a big step for the dashboards, I’m looking forward to making them available to our teams.