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noticed in the documentation is that it is missing some information about “limitations” (if any haha).

For example: character limit in text field “many lines” and “one line”
Is there a minimum amount of category fields in the app’s data model?

:wave: You bring up a great point here @HugoSoares
I’m on it – I’ll craft an overview and publish it soon.

Regarding apps, Ben has already shared some insights here: Maximum number of records in an app?

If you need to understand the limits for a specific feature quickly, please let us know. We’re here to help right away!

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Hi Leo

I hope you are well (:

Excellent, I’ll be looking forward to the post.

This way we can measure how far we can go in our process flows.


Hi @HugoSoares,

of course i’m well - especially with such an outstanding community :100: :raised_hands:

We have now added the help center article Limits on apps, fields, and automations with the current limitations. Many listed points are currently not enforced but they are recommendations for high speed and good performance.

If one of the listed limits is a problem for your use cases, please let us know at any time and we can check if we can increase the limit.



Thanks Leo :smiley:
Thank you always for all the attention you’ve been having with us.


It’s a pleasure, @HugoSoares. I find it truly inspiring to work alongside the community every day, striving to make Tape better and better :rocket:



I noticed the absence of a field in the documentation, the image.

What types of extensions are allowed and the maximum size (both the maximum amount and also the total size the field can receive)

Other than that, it’s really good ^^


Hi Hugo,

many thanks, you are absolutely right, we have actually forgotten to include it.
I’ll prepare all the info and get back to you here when the documentation is updated.

And big thanks for the great feedback :grinning:


Hi @HugoSoares,

thanks for bringing this to our attention. Indeed, the image field limitations were missing - we added it to the limitations page. The limitations are comparable to the files field, and currently JPEG and PNG are supported.

Happy building

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