[UPDATE 🌟] REST API with significant improvements — making Tape the hub for all your tools

Over the past several months, we’ve been working hard to expand the API’s capabilities and make it even easier to build with Tape. All of this has led up to this moment.

We hope these improvements will help you create more connections with the people and tools you work with, making it easier to share information and stay aligned.

Following our API update, several developer teams have engaged in innovative projects such as:

  • Migrating data from various services to Tape.
  • Developing automated backup and restore solutions for Tape.
  • Enhancing communication with other services to create new extensions for Tape

Start building with the API

Build your own integration to bring together the context you need in one place, or to sync data across various tools.

Get your personal API Key:

Click on your user profile picture in the top right corner

Navigate to ‘Preferences’ and select the ‘API’ tab

Get all the details in the developer documentation →


This is fabulous and the Tape API is certainly on very strong footing. I have experimented with building integrations using Tape webhooks and the installation of hooks and translation of items has been working very well. I haven’t tested the app level endpoints yet but I look forward to trying them out!

I have a question, though, about API limits and building enterprise level applications using the Tape API. Right now, requests are authenticated through a single token. While I recognize that there are significant security implications to having just one token stored, there is also a freedom associated with this. Before one might undertake a development of a Tape extension, do you expect that oAuth 2 will be right around the corner? Or will the system use single use based auth tokens for the foreseeable future? Also, if oAuth 2 DOES come into play, will it REPLACE single token authentication or just be another option to add to what’s already there?