🆕 App & record icons


After releasing → 🆕 Workspace icons
Thanks again for the inspiration from the community: 💙 Add more icons and colors to app

Now we rolled out the new app and record icons.
Modify the color of the icon, select an emoji, or even upload your own image.

:bulb: App icons are displayed next to the app name and during searches

:bulb: Record icons can be found in various places within Tape, including:

  • List view
  • Relation fields (outgoing and incoming)
  • Focus
  • Calendar
  • Search

Providing different icons for the app and its records offers flexibility. For instance, you can use vibrant colors for the app icon and more neutral ones for their records displayed in various places within Tape.

However, it could confuse users when admins choose different icons for the app and their records, making this way Tape less user-friendly.

Share great user stories and gather insights on how icons can make Tape even better.


Our internal debut in our own organisation:

Example workspace development:
The app icon matches the color of the workspace icon.
The record icon is the same as the app icon but in black.

Example contact directory (app navigation sidebar):
The workspace icon is an image.
The app and record icons are emojis.



If you add a custom icon to the workspace, and you try to upload a wrong format (mine was in icon file) it will hang. Small bug.

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Thank you very much for the report @knobel, I will reproduce that right away so we can fix it!