💙 Bulk Actions in Tables

I would find it very useful to be able to select a number of entries in a table view and apply a change to the selected, as an example a status field change, I know that @Leo suggested using automation for bulk changes here however I don’t believe that solves this issue. As an example in this screenshot, we have a list of items with the status of ‘new’ they need their status changed and some will be deleted, others will be marked with one status and others with another the factor determining which status they need is based on what is in the subject field alongside other fields and other external factors, making automation very complex if even possible. Going into each record and setting the status (it doesn’t have to be an actual status type field) is longwinded especially if you delete a record and then get the not available message and get put back into the home dashboard.

Hopefully, all this waffle makes sense.

Hi Jason,

many thanks for your request!
It makes perfect sense and you are absolutely right with all of your points.
Using automations for this is currently just a workaround, as we haven’t rolled out the bulk actions yet.
But we already have them planned from the beginning in the overlay that opens to do a bulk delete.
But so far we had only few requests for it and therefore prioritized other features.
Which fields would be the most important for you to perform bulk actions?



Thanks for your reply, I would say ‘Single Select’ and ‘Status’ if it can only be one then probably ‘Single Select’ as I believe it offers more options and can always drive status from it. However, if it comes down to that choice it probably deserves more thought/discussion than I have currently given it.



Exciting update, @Jason - Bulk edit is now live.
Thanks to your fantastic suggestion!
And for the upvotes: @martin, @tomaz, @gchehade, @Miguel
More details here → 🆕 Bulk edit in table for single select and status field - BETA