How to connect Jotform to Tape

Jotform is a popular tool for creating online forms. Users can easily create their forms via a drag-and-drop editor. In this guide, we will build a simple workflow to save the responses of a Jotform in Tape using the webhook trigger .

Create a new automation

The first step is to create a new automation in Tape with the webhook trigger and to copy the webhook URL:

Head over to Jotform and create your online form with the form builder. Once you are satisfied with your form, you need to register a webhook.

Register a webhook in Jotform

To register a webhook in Jotform, you need to open the Settings tab, select Integrations in the left sidebar menu and search for the “webhooks” integration:

To complete the integration, paste the Tape webhook URL into the input:

Create a new record for each submission

Now that we have set up the Jotform webhook, we can submit a response to our form and head back to the Tape automation. After hitting the “Refresh” button, one variable for each form question will be available inside the automation:

That’s it! You can use this guide to connect pretty much any online form provider that offers webhooks.

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I love Jotform! We have been using them for years. I love that they recently added a signature block. Pretty amazing if you ask me!

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Hey @Tim,
I am migrating some JotForm entries from old platform over to Tape.
No matter what I do a cannot get Tape to receive the webhook after being sent.
My other programs are receiving the data.

Can you take a look to see if there is a bug for me?
Let me know if you can replicate this also.


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@1F2Ns we are looking into your issue and will resolve it asap. Thanks for bringing this up.

EDIT: This has been resolved. Indeed, the structure of the JotForm webhook changed, which then revealed a configuration issue on our end. That has been dealt with, and JotForm webhooks should work properly now without compromise.

Thanks again for your accurate report, which allowed us to resolve this so quickly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Cheers & happy building

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