How to create a link to scroll to a field inside a record via the calculation field (Anchor Link)

It is quite common to have an app with dozens of fields. The record can therefore be quite long and scrolling to a specific field can take some time. It is therefore nice to create a table of contents at the top of a record where the user can click on a link to jump to a certain part of the record.

Here is an image of the result:

Here is a walkthrough video:

Get the external ID for a field

To create a link for a field, you need to know the external ID of the field. You can find this ID in the
Developer Info of the app:

Once you have the external IDs of the fields you want to link to, you can create a new calculation field for the app. The links are constructed like this #field_external_id so the link starts with a hashtag (#) and is followed by the external ID of the field. That’s it!

Create links with Markdown

To create a link inside the calculation field, you can use Markdown:

[Full Name](#name_33604) • [Department](#department) • [Address](#address)
### [Full Name](#name_33604)
### [Department](#department)
### [Address](#address)

For more information about Markdown inside calculation fields, visit the Tape Developer documentation:

Create links with HTML

You can also use HTML to display the links any way you see fit:

<a href="#name_33604"><button type="outline">Full Name</button></a> &nbsp; <a href="#department"><button type="outline">Department</button></a> &nbsp; <a href="#address"><button type="outline">Address</button></a>

For more information about HTML inside calculation fields, visit the Tape Developer documentation:


I’m sure this is going to make a lot of people excited. Great tutorial :raised_hands:


By the way, if you have an app with a lot of fields, using section breaks and headings can really help improve usability. Check out this article :point_right: How to build section breaks & headers

One huge reason I LOVE Tape so much is simple stuff like this. We tried to do this recently, couldn’t figure out a way at that point in time and the team confirmed it wasn’t yet possible.

But the Tape team not only responded quickly with an update to make this possible, they also posted a great little guide on how to implement it.
Thanks for this!


PS we’ve implemented and tested and this works great!


Hey @CarsonRedCliffLabs, thanks for the feedback!
It’s pushing us to make Tape even better.

Ever tried that button? It’s a favorite in our organization.

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Oh we jumped straight to the button approach as it is by far the best aesthetic. Love it!