⚪ Integrate Unlayer Embeddable Drag & Drop Editor

It would be amazing if Tape could have the Unlayer embeddable drag & drop editor as one of the automation actions.

This will allow you to easily create beautiful external landing pages via the Action - Display a message on a web page. The current Tape web page editor works for simple stuff, but is very limited in terms of design flexibility.

Hi @Luis,

many thanks for the idea!
I look at the extension in detail and get back to you. At first glance it looks very powerful and could be a valuable addition.


@Luis, thanks for this suggestion! Thats quite a nice editor indeed.
I have good news, you can use the unlayer editor to design your perfect email/ weblink display message and then just copy paste that design into Tape! Then you can replace all static content with workflow variables and that’s it :100:

I created a quick walkthrough how you can copy the template from Unlayer to Tape:

This is obviously not as nice as a full integration, but with this workaround you can get pretty much the same result :slightly_smiling_face:



@Luis your suggestion inspired me to create a guide so everyone can benefit from this, you can check it out here:



Thanks, Ben, for the workaround. It works fantastically well and will make my life so much easier. I’ll still vote to have Unlayer built-in on Tape for convenience, but in the meantime, I will follow this workaround.

My main use is to send leads to a landing page (created by the “Create web link” action) instead of email, but I ran into a few issues. Most I could fix using the CSS workaround you suggested here, but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to remove the padding that Tape automatically creates. Here is a video explaining what I mean.

I would like to have full-width landing pages, but the forced padding is preventing that from happening. Is there a way to remove the padding?


Hey Luis,

happy to hear that the workaround solves your problem for now. You are correct, the padding of the page cannot be changed inside the weblink application. However, I fully understand your use-case of building full-width landing pages, so this would be a good feature to have.

Would you create a separate feature request to add this feature to the weblink trigger/ action?



@Luis ,

we implemented your feature request, it is live now! You can remove padding and Tape branding inside the “Display a message” action, so you can build a fullscreen landing page :slight_smile:

Here is an example HTML you need inside the display message action if you want fullscreen:

<div style="width: 100%; height: 100vh; background: gray">
<p>Your content</p>

Note that you need height: 100vh