🟢 Possibility to mobile

Guys, you make a geat job!

I work LOT on wheels and at my customers.
I use Tape quite much now with mobile with “show desktop”-option.

That works quite good, but that is not optimal way to use Tape.

Is it possible to have Tape more mobile friendly to use?

Hi Sami,

thank you very much for your great feedback and thank you for your support.
You are absolutely right! We definitely need to optimize the mobile use of Tape.
Unfortunately we had to keep postponing the enhancement and optimization of the mobile app in the roadmap, because we mainly had to build other features for our customers first to solve their use cases.
Now that we are completely rebuilding the record and the field template, we have to postpone the app again because the app will change a lot and we would have to dump everything we would build now.
However, we have always made sure that Tape is very easy to use on an iPad. Would that be a possibility for you?
With the new record we will fully consider the repsonsiveness for small screens from the beginning until we take the mobile app to the next level!


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Sounds excellent plan!

I agree, you need to go foward with most important usecases.

Haven a great summer!

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