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It would be great to have web forms that are tied into, or generated, by the Tape platform itself. The Google web form method is not something that works for our particular use case.

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Introducing the first community post about webforms.
A big thanks to @matto for initiating this discussion! Given all the buzz around it, I’m eager to see the community’s response, the insights, and the votes for this feature request.

You’re right; integration with Google Forms can serve as another use case or even just a workaround. That’s why we have built-in webforms on our roadmap.

For other use cases, these can be helpful:
:point_right: Connect Google Forms to Tape
:point_right: Connect Jotform to Tape

How does Tape use webforms?
We’ve embedded the form into our website and are using Tape’s feature Email to App | Tape Help Center One example: for partner registration: https://get.tapeapp.com/partner

All feedback and votes on webforms are appreciated here. Let us know your thoughts!


Hi @matto and @Leo,
Thanks for sharing this. I was wondering that there are lots of different ways to approach this webforms thing. And of course, these different approaches will greatly depend on each use-case. I will share a couple of use cases we might have just in case it can help envision things and find better solutions (also I don’t know if this is a good ask the community candidate as well).

Case 1 - Client initial screening:
Imagine we want to gather lots of different details during a conversation with a client. Sure, we can create a specific app directly and put all the details there. But it would be very nice to find a way to limit the fields we want to fill and hide some more details that might appear in fully comprehensive client app. For example: Imagine you have a comprehensive client app with a field that is the client’s address, and a little automation that classifies the client if the client is from EU or is from USA depending on this address field. We would like to be able to have a comprehensive app with all the info, but as well it would be very helpful to have kind of a “view” or a more simplistic form of that view just to fill the details of the client while having a conversation. This would greatly help to laser focus on the key questions and prevent errors by not being able to “touch” any other fields. This could maybe be solved with another app as well, like a stripped-down app, but this kind of solution could clutter the UI fast and add up quickly if we need some of this. This might be a good case to be able to create some forms out of the app just to easily fill the essential details. There might be better solutions that we are not aware of and would greatly appreciate any inputs regarding this.

Case 2 - Client file request:
Imagine that you need to request your client three different docs: id, file1, file2. It would be very convenient to have a way to let the client send the info progressively. That is, not needing to have all the docs at once but being able to send id first, then file2 another day and finally file1. It would as well be super nice to have the fields to disappear when sent and/or not present next time the client tries to upload something. I think there are lots of ways to achieve this, but it would be awesome to have a centralized native Tape way. Also there are other secondary aspects of this to keep in mind, privacy of the form, security of the requests, file types, file sizes, etc. The thing that tends to be very difficult to implement is this “progressive field completion” instead of a submit when all required files are uploaded. Maybe some conditional logic could help and/or maybe we are on the verge of webapp-webform, where you upload files screen after screen but if going back in a while, you come directly to step x where you left.

My two cents. :v:
Thanks a lot.

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Hi @R.J

thank you very much for sharing your use cases for web forms. For me these insights into different use-cases and problems are extremely valuable. Because these can be broken down into individual requirements within the web forms during feature conception. So that a maximum of problems from real life can be solved later without the need for workarounds.

For your cases this would be being able to create multiple different web forms per database app, conditional display of fields, the possibility of multiple steps within the web form similar to screen flows and above all the possibility to use the created forms not only for creating new records but also to display or update existing records with them.

Thanks again for the very valuable input


Hi @Leo,
Sorry because I couldn’t get back here before. Thanks a lot for your kind words and attention to detail.

On top of your sweet summary, if any, I would add the ability to send files progressively instead of having to upload every file field and then submit the pack. I’m not really sure you already included this in one of these points, though.

Thanks a lot Leo.