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I think @Stefan said that you’d help us copy data between Tape and other programs directly. (This piqued my interest because this seems related to a view of Sol Computing.) Who’d share a summary of the thoughts of the Tape team on this?
I’d discuss with anybody the purposes for which any of us combine programs into a software environment and how programs should interact with each other by type. While software has evolved and one can hire specialists like the partners of Podio and Tape from this community, we keep seeing rather costly choices and configurations, so many people can benefit more from computing.

Whats the current situation regards Zapier integration?

Does Tape offer any integration with other systems?

I’m a potential customer who is looking at alternatives to Podio but Zapier integration (and/or Airtable) integration is crucial to our current workflows in Podio.


First of all, welcome to our community, @donmc! We’re very happy to have you.

We haven’t implemented a one-click integration yet.
But Tape has built-in automation.

With the webhook trigger, workflow automations and the developer API, Tape’s partners have already built powerful integrations using Zapier, Make and other external systems in the past.

If you describe your specific use-case, the community might be able to assist you further. :pray:

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I agree that a native Zapier integration would be great to see, but please note it isn’t required.
As @Leo has mentioned here…the ability to run scripts or send/receive HTTP requests has worked great to pass info to/from Zapier and Tape.


Thanks for the information - Webhooks are not something I’m familiar with but hopefully I can get some pointers from the community! Are there any resources I can take a look at?

@donmc This article might be helpful for you: 🆕 Trigger · When a webhook is received · Workflow Automation

@donmc - I’ve been meaning to record a few more Tape training videos and post to youtube…and your question here motivated me to make one of those that might be helpful to you and others.
It’s ~18 min long (watch on double speed) but I show examples how to use webhooks to get info OUT of Tape into other software. Then another example showing how to get data INTO Tape using a webhook flow.
I hope this helps!


Excellent! I spent a couple of hours yesterday looking at Tape and it seems remarkably similar to Podio. I was able to easily replicate some automation straight off the bat. I was also easily text migrate some Podio Apps to Tape. The webhook integration was the missing piece so I’ll study your video with some interest.


Hey Carson, That video was incredibly useful. Exactly what I needed. Thanks for being so generous with your time!

Could I ask one more question?

I’ve used adding tasks to records extensively in Podio. For instance, using added tasks as a guide to a particular workflow in a new record that gets assigned to someone. One example is a Post Production App that assigns jobs to users. The Post Production app record holds all the information connected with that particular job and a new list of tasks is added to the record describing the process/workflow to be followed to complete the job. Can this be replicated in Tape?


@CarsonRedCliffLabs thanks for sharing this video, and for taking the time to produce it in the first place. This will be extremely helpful, like @donmc said. We will make sure to find a great spot to promote the video here in the community. You rock! :100:

Regarding the native Zapier integration: Due to the demand, and also many requests via other channels, we are considering an implementation. After a first proof of concept this may actually be achieved in a short time frame. :rocket:

To speed things up we would like to briefly discuss and share the potential scope of the first release.

The scope that we currently have in mind:

  • Create a record in Tape (includes all field types and file attachments)
  • Update an existing record in Tape (includes all field types and file attachments)

Would that scope allow you to solve your use cases? Or would it at least increase productivity, for situations where currently “rather technical solutions” like webhooks / HTTP post requests are used? All input is welcome. @1F2Ns @CarsonRedCliffLabs @donmc @bruno.freitas @shir

Thanks to everyone in advance :pray:

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I think that would be a great start and save new users time.

Also, look into Pabbly Connect :wink:
They are the up and coming Zapier alternative.

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To be honest, in the Zapier integration I would be looking to emulate in Tape that currently exists in Podio, most of the integration is outbound. That is using Tape/Podio as the data source and populating other apps/services. But as a first release, what you propose would be a big step forward.


Replying to @Tim I do believe that a “Create Record” and an “Update Existing Record” set of actions would be sufficient or worthwhile for an initial release. That will get people started and comfortable with the idea of integrating data into Tape…then the ‘more technical’ approaches can be implemented if they need at this point.

But like @donmc has mentioned, we have more need for Trigger steps rather than action steps. These should be similar to what can trigger a native Tape automation now. At the very least, new item created, item updated, or comment added…then that can be monitored for in Zapier and cause further actions to happen in other apps as needed.

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Replying to an earlier question posed by @donmc which was not quite resolved…

Absolutely this can be replicated in Tape. I have been using the Checklist field type extensively in Tape. This is not only a replacement for those Tasks in Podio, but a HUGE improvement.
Checklist fields can be filtered for in team views, totaled up in table views, sorted to see WHO has unfinished actions, and so much more. I would say you will be able to replicate and improve everything you were doing with your Post Production app by using the checklist fields in Tape.


That is great Carson, just off to check them out!

Thanks again.

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Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and feedback @1F2Ns, @donmc & @CarsonRedCliffLabs.

This helps us a bunch to evaluate the work needed to craft a first valuable deliverable for you.

We’ll come back to you once we have news on this. Hopefully in the meantime with Carson’s detailed video you are able to workaround this and get most things out on the road already.

Really appreciate your participation here! :blue_heart:

Happy building

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Hi all,
That one is such a nice discussion!!! And much needed as well. :smiley:

Firstly, I would like to thank @CarsonRedCliffLabs for his ultra generous awesome tutorial. You rock Carson! :raised_hands:
Please Carson, do not hesitate to publish whatever other video about any Tape idea or automation you might have. It is hyper appreciated. THANKS.

Then, I would like to know if this feature request includes and/or could include make.com automation. It would be very nice to see this integration since make is way cheaper than zapier and still has lots of super valuable connections. Even some unique ones that zapier doesn’t have.

I believe this make.com is quite critical to ease the connection with Tape and skyrocket Tape usage. Also very nice mention to the Pabbly Connect side @1F2Ns, thanks.

Thanks a lot.


So, after being here for almost a year, I’ve learned that the Tape Team is more than willing to develop anything/everything that makes sense for the community as a whole -even some of the fringe needs from time to time.

I assume their biggest hurdle is having finite time resources. They can only work on so many enhancements at a time. That is why it’s important for us to vote on the feature requests we will benefit from and to help them get new paying clients to build up the platform. I truly believe that as the platforms MRR increases, so will the development resources they have available.

They have been nothing short of amazing and our way of business is changing for the better. I love the community that is being built around this project.


@R.J - I’ll do what I can to post future video tutorials on utilizing Tape. I’m glad it was valuable for you.
Regarding your request to have an integration with make.com - I believe I have good news for you.
I’ve never personally used Make for real work applications, but I did set up an account and could quickly confirm that they do offer Webhook solutions as both Trigger and Action steps.

This should mean that you can apply the exact same idea shared in that Zapier video to achieve the same results with webhooks inside the Make.com connector system


Hi @CarsonRedCliffLabs,
Sorry because I couldn’t get back here before. Thanks for your reply and for taking the time to even test things further by yourself. I’m super impressed and thankful for having you around. :raised_hands:

I already considered this route combining webhooks but wanted to make the point with a native integration since I truly believe this could ease things and speed up workflow creation. This could also foster adoption from the non-coders/non-tinkerers and help to save time.

Thank you Carson, again, your efforts are very much appreciated.