🆕 Dashboard apps - private beta

Tape’s community has dreamed up all kinds of ways they want to use dashboards. Some imagine it as the first thing they see when they click on a workspace, helping them visualize company goals. Others want special reports just for the bosses. There have been so many ideas!

We realized we didn’t know all the ways you might use a dashboard. So, we decided to make them as customizable as possible. But don’t worry, we kept it simple, we didn’t want to make things complicated or slow to set up.

Now - we’re super happy that every dashboard in Tape is a blank sheet of paper, a canvas. You can add different building blocks, such as text, images, reports, and more. It works as simply as any word processor, only you can add many different types of blocks, and move and modify them in new ways.

:checkered_flag: It’s time to use Tape’s new dashboard apps.
Thanks a bunch for being part of the private beta. Your thoughts mean a lot to us and benefit the entire community. If possible, share your feedback with a quick video to help us understand your experience better:

:blue_book: Tape dashboard apps are different from other software in a few ways. Once you master these basics, you can build pretty amazing things. We really suggest diving into the details in our help center: What is a dashboard app? | Tape Help Center

:new: If you getting curious about what’s coming up next? Take a peek at our public roadmap: https://get.tapeapp.com/roadmap/

:rocket: For a head start, just click the link and duplicate the workspace to your organization :point_right: Dashboard app template

Thanks again for being part of Tape’s amazing journey. Can’t wait to see what you’ll create!

Interested in early access? Please reach out to us.


I’ve already put together the first dashboard, and I’m really pleased with all the possibilities it offers! Big thanks to the whole Tape team - amazing job!


@Leo I would be very pleased if I could test the new dashboards. :star_struck:


That’s amazing! I’d like to know when the dashboard feature will be available outside BETA


You should now have received access as well - let me know if it works! :rocket:

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Hi @agnes.farias,

we don’t have a concrete timeline yet. But I think when we have fixed the reported bugs from the private beta and have done a final QA loop ourselves, we will go into a public beta in the next step and make it available to everyone.


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For me, dashboards only make sense if they can display live data, so I’m experimenting with imagecharts.

You could embed an image via URL that then displays the chart:

Two links to experiment with:

To get this to work easily, there should be an update automation for the image tile.

However, a workaround could look like this:

  1. Generate a Chart image and save it in e.g. Google Drive
  2. Add the shared image link to the Tape Dashboard.
  3. build a workflow that updates the chart and updates the version of the image saved in the Drive.
  4. Tape should now display the current image, as the URL has not changed.

Hi @Roman,

great approach to display live data in the dashboards even before the reports are released!
We haven’t even thought of that yet!

Best regards and thanks for the great idea

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